Your Assignment

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

A recovery meeting happens on the other side of my office wall every day. Every day the beat up and defeated and strugglers gather together to help each other find a way forward. I’m sure there are tears and sharing of hardships, but that’s not what I hear.

What I hear is applause and sometimes a rousing cheer. I know (from visiting that meeting) that someone has expressed a victory, or even a desire for a victory, and the ragamuffin crowd cheers on their own as if they were olympic athletes crossing the finishing line.

They come every day. Sometimes after a defeat, sometimes after one more day of sobriety. And they cheer one another on. I’m not even in the room and I feel encouraged.

I wonder how many people we encounter who are weary, worn out, whipped by the everyday demons that push our buttons and lead us wayward … and they just need someone … anyone … to cheer them on and believe for them that they can make it just one more day.

You have your assignment.

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  1. I love that assignment!
    don’t know what I would have done without every ones cheers and prays when I
    needed them. 🙂

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