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Revised 4/6/2011

As someone who enjoys social media and meeting new people, I was intrigued when my friend Mike told me about a new social sharing site called XALT.

What is XALT? Xalt is primarily a Christian social networking site.  There is an overview of the site and benefits HERE (click on the X).

XALT is not meant to replace other sites – as we do need Christian influence throughout the web. But it is a place where Christians can socialize and share without offensive ads (actually, there are NO ads). It is an environment that is filtered, secure, and safe.

There is another component – and that is how is this thing supported without ads? It is supported by users at $10.00 per month. Before you decide against it because of the money, there are two things going on with this that I think are interesting.

XALT IS A SHARING NETWORK. XALT subscribers will earn money based upon how many of their friends sign up for the service. Even more so as friends sign up friends. You know that drill…we’ve all done that before. If you will visit the site by clicking XALT, click on the X, then the “Sharing $” link – you can check out the way this part works.

XALT SENDS THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE A CHECK EACH MONTH – a percentage of the funds shared through your friends and their friends. This can be a significant donation as more and more friends get in the system.

I think that’s a cool combination. A safe and Christian environment, opportunity to earn some bucks without a big investment, and a way to support your favorite charitable organization (or church).

It’s pretty simple. I’d encourage you to take a look around on the site and think about it.

Those are some reasons I signed up for it. I’m asking you to think about it as well.

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