Wisecracking Telemarketers

Telemarketer: Hello may I speak to John

JD: This is he.

Telemarketer: Huh?

JD: (louder) This is John.

Telemarketer: Oh, this is blah blah from blah blah to talk to you about online education.

JD: Please remove my name from your call list.

Telemarketer: Why?

JD: Because I don’t want you bothering me.

Telemarketer: I’m not bothering you.

JD: Yes, you are. I didn’t call you, and I didn’t ask you to call.

Telemarketer: Well, I’m not bothering you.

JD: Yes you are.

Telemarketer: Why?

JD refraining from a parade of unmentionables hangs up.

And that’s on my cell phone … the new frontier for telemarketers.

And if that’s not enough, I got another one this morning.

Telemarketer Recording: This is blah blah from blah blah about your entry into our contest to win an SUV! If you want to find out the status of your prize press 1, to remove yourself from this contest press 9.

JD while thinking about it hears a click. A recording hung up on me…. after giving me a choice of numbers to press.

Welcome to my Charlie Brown life.


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