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Seth Simmons, Al Sturgeon, Tres Bloggers, and The Crew from UCC

It is a real “winds day” on the Coast, with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Fortunately, I like the rain. When I’m inside watching it.

Al Sturgeon did a great job at Central last night talking to the college students. He showed a part of the Invisible Children movie, which is very powerful. I want to show that movie at Central sometime. Tonight Seth Simmons will be speaking, and I’m looking forward to his message.

Last night after Al Sturgeon’s message, we stood around talking about movies, television, all kinds of fun stuff. Can you believe that Seth has never watched Star Wars or Star Trek? That he doesn’t watch LOST or American Idol? How can I be a friend to this man? I will have to have much grace with him.

Three of the college students are new bloggers. One of the pics above is of the Tres Bloggers … plus one non-blogger. (We have to be friends with everyone!) Noting what is currently on their blogs, I noticed that…

Clint Peterson is talking about the need for cleansing from God.

Mason Puckett is talking about being open … open enough for a Christian Rapper name Lacrae? I don’t know!

Neil Holman gives a shout out to John Waller and tells a funny story on his little brother. (John Waller) I noticed that Neil was not shy about asking me to mention him on my blog, but I’m not listed on his blogroll. Clint and Mason, however, have me listed on THEIR blogrolls.

All three of these guys are great Christian young men who love the Lord … and it shows. I’m enjoying getting to know them this week. And yes, guys, I’ll put you on the big blogroll asap.

Well, time is getting away from me. Hope your day is refreshed with the raining down of God’s Holy Spirit into your heart.


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