Wii Preacher

Yesterday I bought the Wii Preacher game for Nintendo Wii. It is simply amazing. I stayed up all night playing it! Let me tell you about some of the various play modes it has.

*Nap Mode – I especially liked this mode. It has a chair cushion you sit on, and when you have leaned back at a certain angle, the Wii Preacher starts snoring! Win! If you tilt too much to one side or the other, it makes an obnoxious noise and the game console sprays out an unhappy smell. Lose!

*Visit Mode – what a toughie! As you knock on the door you have to guess the purpose for your visit. I figured out that if you ring the doorbell twice you get a grouchy sister with curlers in her hair and she curses at you for using the NIV this past Sunday! ha! I pulled a curler out and put it in her mouth! LOL Glad this is a game! At another door someone asked me a hard theological question. I was able to pull a book from behind a bush and hand it to him. These Wii developers thought of everything!

*Baptism Mode – a virtual Pentecost. People lined up as far as you can see! I got pretty good at it, baptizing up to 10 per minute. The faster you do it, the more people line up. My arm got tired of the special arm motion you do to accomodate the baptism. If you rotate your arm in a circle, the bapitzee flips in the water. It was cool.

*Preaching Mode – my favorite part. You stand in the pulpit and select which preacher you’re going to be, and the audience reponds. It is not always nice either!

– Benny Hinn mode was fun. If you wave your arm, all the people fall over in a swoon. But for every three swoons you have to go regroom your hair and put on another white suit. Hard to get the timing down on that one!

– Billy Graham mode had Johnny Cash singing the invitation song. The more you pointed your finger at John 3:16 the more people came forward to the altar.

– Jimmy Swaggart mode. If you pound the pulpit the audience all turns into prostitutes. Then Jimmy cries and they go back to regularly dressed folk.

– Joel Osteen mode. If you make him Wii Grin real big, money comes raining down on the stage. After you pick up the money he does a Jig with Victoria. There’s the alternative mode where you can be Victoria, but she’s in a wrestling ring with an airline stewardess.

– John Hagee mode has this neat deal where you point out the end time schedule on a black board and at the end of it he shoots up in the air in a rapture. You can do this over and over!

– Robert Schuller Mode was interesting. He’s dressed as a ninja and you fight his son for ownership of the Crystal Cathedral. He’s got moves, I’ll tell ya!

After you accumulate so many points, the Wii Preacher game has a hidden section you can access where Wii Preacher merges with Dancing with the Stars to become Dancing with the Preachers! But I was too tired to try that section. Maybe I’ll try it soon.

I hear these Wii Preacher sets are selling fast!


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