Why I Won’t Buy An Apple iPad

This is a dangerous post for me to write. I could leave the wrong impression and I’ll work hard not to do that. I’m also expressing a thought that I want to be committed to, but I’m not sure I’m there. I’ve thought about it for the past few days, and then I decided that the best way for me to deal with my inner struggle is to just expose it.


When Apple announced their wondrous new product earlier this week I can’t tell you how geeked out I was about it. I mean this is cool, inventive, promising, and did I mention cool? Oh, and expensive. I started formulating plans about how I might acquire one.

Now this is especially tricky since we’re well into our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course. Yes, it can be built into the budget, but it can’t be an impulse buy.

My interest in this piece of technology also became a heart problem. On Sunday mornings I’m teaching on the spiritual discipline of simplicity. The iPad represents what is wrong with my overattention to things electronic.

No amount of justification could have me spending $500 for this fancy netbook / eReader. I couldn’t even name anything I could use it for that would be a legitimate use of the funds, the time, and the attention it would take.

This is not a matter of need. It was just an act of accumulation that is driven by a love for gadgets. To have one more electronic thing that no matter how great it is will not leave me fulfilled. And in fact it would rob me of the opportunity to do some good things.

Ever since I disconnected my iPhone and went back to a regular cell phone I notice a big difference in how much time and attention I could pay to other things.

I want to be sure that anyone reading this does not feel judged. This is a reflection of my thoughts about me. I’m not writing down thoughts to create any new religious restrictions on anyone!

But don’t get me wrong. I really do want an iPad. I also want to not want it. Of course if someone gifts me one, how could I refuse? 🙂

But somewhere there has to be a recognition that we have enough stuff. Too much already. My technological needs are more than fulfilled. The truth is that every waking moment is filled with loudness and busyness and a feeling of never being able to get it all done. I’m constantly connecting with others electronically which leaves less time to connect with the Creator spiritually. It’s time to make choices that reflect satisfaction and contentment with Christ.

And that’s something that even Steve Jobs can’t make an app for.

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