Why Consistent Attendance is Important

I know that it is out of fashion to talk about church attendance. I read more about people walking away from church or deciding they do not need the church. There is plenty to talk about when we consider what happens at church. But I still believe that consistent attendance when the local church meets is of great value. I encourage our church members to be consistent in participating in studies and fellowship during Sunday School, worship, LifeGroups and Wednesday night gatherings. Why is it so important to emphasize our need for these gatherings?

We need spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth will be enhanced by spending time in study, fellowship, and prayer with fellow Christians. I do not know anyone who has advanced so far in faith that they need no encouragement.

We are needed. When we gather and our brothers and sisters decide not to participate, their gifts of encouragement and kindness go unused. Who knows but that this past Wednesday night someone was here who really needed the kind of love and gentle words that you could have offered them?

We need each other. The members of the church are needed to support the various gatherings and efforts of the church. We are all in this together! We have a job to do that requires the presence of every member. When we stay away, our talents are missing – thus diminishing the potential of our time together. Without you, it all falls apart.

We need to set priorities. Is what you are doing instead of Bible study and prayer is more important?

We need to be committed. Whenever you decide to commit yourself to Christ and His Church, the question of attendance will be answered.

We need accountability. Regular attendances helps keep us accountable for the use of our time. When we are discouraged we tend to drift away from God, and ultimately the church. If we remain disconnected to our church family we can fall away from God’s path quickly.

We need enthusiasm. When we gather together and there is a lively crowd, we become more enthused about our mission together. Empty pews can sap the life out of a church! It would be great to have a full house every time we gather – that would bless us all. It could happen easily!

There are those who, because of health or other issues out of their control, simply cannot attend. We all have the occasional event in life that prevents our attendance. The church is like every other organization, though, in that it requires the commitment, presence, participation and involvement of its members.

We cannot touch, work, empathize, love, volunteer, or engage while absent!

Thanks for reading,