Whitworth Unleashes Esau’s Doom!


I know. Today you were thinking to yourself, “Self, I’d love to dig into Obadiah and see what message from God might encourage me today!” No? Well, then you’re missing out on something.  That something is Michael Whitworth’s new book ESAU’S DOOM. Continue reading to discover how you can receive a copy of this book for free!

Obadiah is the shortest book of the Bible but it is also a very difficult book.  Most Christians have read through it on their journey through the Bible, but not hesitated long enough to something out of it.

Michael Whitworth has blessed us with this brief study that looks at the author, content, and message of Obadiah. He does so with wit, faith, and unshrinking examination of the fierce prophecy of this book.

Obadiah is a short book, but it is a difficult one. It’s message is arguably the most obscure of the Minor Prophets, and its application may seem at first glance to be too limited or narrow for the 21st-century church.

In addition to sharing the meaning found in the text, Whitworth weaves within his exposition various writings from other Biblical prophets to shed light on obscure references.  At the end of the book there are talking points to aid in discussion for classes, groups, or even sermons.

It is important to do all we can to comprehend all of God’s Word. As Whitworth reminds us…

…We must remember that God is the one truly speaking, and his message is both a warning of doom and an invitation to salvation in Christ, the King of Zion. … No matter what age they live in, a despondent, defeated people always need affirmation that God is always in control. He’s got the whole world in his hands.

ESAU’S DOOM is not a long book, but it is packed with Scripture references and it is very well researched. I would imagine that not many of us have a book dedicated to Obadiah in our libraries. That alone makes this a valuable addition to our resources. But more than that, I believe it will enrich your study and appreciation for God as you research this small prophecy with a big message.

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Well, only two people made the effort, so I will reward them both! Enjoy the book Jill & Lacey! Jill, I will need you to message me your email address!

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