Whites and Blacks and Crime and Lies

7.16.2013It is hard to know where to start. The flood of blog posts, Facebook posts, newscasts, and Tweets about the Zimmerman / Martin case is overwhelming. Everybody has a perspective and each one seems to be indignant if you disagree with their point of view.

Discussions about race relations are always heated – and maybe for good reason. But I want to address the Christian folks who might stop by and read this post, because  (and I’m just being honest here) you guys have been gobbling up lies about Whites, Blacks, and crime like it was candy.

Did you forget where you live, my friends? You live on broken planet Earth. You live in the pre-renewal times before Jesus comes to make all things right. You live in the old heavens and old earth times before the new heaven and new earth are presented and the bride receives her groom. You know what I’m talking about. Are you really surprised that things go so wrong?

Who gets to tell us how race relations ought to work? Should some talking head in front of a green screen spouting out their interpretations of what someone did or didn’t say get us all riled up? Are we to be angered because someone who doesn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ has offered their opinion about the world in which we live? Is there something more inherently valuable in someone’s opinion because they sit on the other side of the camera … or have a hit song … or have created some art… or written a book?

Listen, we do not live in the same reality as most of these people. We live by a different set of rules. Maybe we do not do it well all the time – but the measure of that is not a sociology text book nor a college professor who wants to call God a racist (now that lady needs to get her head in the Bible for a while).

The truth about Whites and Blacks and crime is not that the economy is bad, nor that people are hanging on to the injustices of the past, nor that if a racially motivated crime happens in one place it is OK to beat up someone across the country. Let’s call it what it is – SIN. It is the work of the Enemy. It doesn’t have anything to do with OJ or White Anger or anything of the sort.

Of all people we need to tag it for what it is – the devil’s work. We need to see the solution for what it really is – the cleansing blood of Jesus. And we need to talk to people about their souls, not their attitude toward someone of a different color. Because when I made Jesus Lord I also decided to love my neighbor as myself. Not just the neighbor the same color as me, and not just the neighbor that agrees with me. That is the true end of racism and crime.

So I do understand these people out there without Christ trying to make sense of this messed up world. They can’t understand it. They don’t get it. I don’t either – but i do know the source of the problems. But you Christians, why are you trying to justify the killing of a  young man? You should see the tragedy of this through God’s eyes (not the American media’s eyes – they are wearing the devil’s glasses and do not even know it!). Why are you trying to justify locking up or killing a Hispanic man who killed a young Black man in self-defense? Since when did you want to enter into the world’s systems and try to make them work out like you want it to, given your very limited scope about what really happened? I know this because there were no witnesses.  I don’t get you.

True justice comes from God’s hand, not our flawed views of others. I have full confidence that God will have the final say about all of us. My only point, really, is that the Christian perspective on violence, crime, race relations is settled when we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. This past week I have witnessed many Christians decide that they could be judge, jury, and executioner. I don’t think I saw any Christian blame sin or Satan for this terrible happening. All I can say is that you must have forgotten where you live.

Christians know the only solution to this problem – and it isn’t social engineering. Let us be like Jesus to those we meet … demonstrating love and compassion … acceptance and service. Then I won’t care if you’re White or Black, because I promised my life to an Arab who loved Jews and Gentiles, enough to die for them.

Thanks for reading