When The Water Leaves

In the Bible following Noah’s flood, there seems to be a sense of serenity and peace as the water recedes to reveal a new world. In the setting of a disaster, the water recedes to reveal many secondary disasters. That’s what happened at my house during Katrina, and that’s what is happening now in Nashville as the flood waters of last week recede.

It really is hard to imagine the impact of a flood unless you have been through it. It is hard to know the heartache of watching all of your belongings being hauled to the curb. And if you have no help, it is a feeling of numbness that almost prevents you from helping yourself.

Right now in Nashville there are needs for money and manpower. There are many organizations working there that you can help. Below are some of the ones I was able to put together from online searches. I limited my search to those from my tribe – and some with whom they have connected. This is almost certainly not a complete list. Feel free to leave other links in the comments. But whomever you choose to help, please do so generously.

Northside Church of Christ

Hilltop Rescue

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

Donelson Church of Christ

Lipscomb University / Service International

Crieve Hall Church of Christ

Hillsboro Church of Christ

Otter Creek Church of Christ

Tusculum Church of Christ

Some of these churches came to our rescue on the Gulf Coast following Katrina. I will never forget them.

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