When Silence Falls


Tim Hughes’ song about turning to Jesus when life doesn’t have any easy answers resonates with me. I know I’m not alone in that.

Too many people, when life falls apart, think that their efforts with God haven’t paid off. I’m caught by surprise when I realize the idea still persists that if we are pretty good people then God won’t let anything bad happen in our lives. Did anyone ever think to ask Job about that? How about Abraham? The Apostles? It’s just a lie that we buy into and from which we gain some amount of false security.

When hope is lost, I call You Savior. (1)

And why do we do that when there is a vast amount of real security to be found in Jesus? When we turn away from God we have a new reality to face. Trying to make it work without Him is not really working.

Make no mistake – God does not abandon us when hardship strikes – He carries us. No one enjoys hardships and disappointments. They hurt. How we respond when the crisis hits is the real measure of our faith. In your tears, don’t think that God is gone. The truth is He is nearer than you ever believed.

I don’t have intricate philosophical arguments to shape your response to pain and sorrow. Who would listen if I did? I don’t know who’ll read this that may need it. But if you’re reading… and you’re hurting … just know that God hurts with you and He’s not far away. Stand on your faith. When you can’t stand on your faith any longer, just let Him carry you. He’s not looking for some Superstar of Faith. Jesus will accept the smallest faith and help it grow. Take a listen to this song. Thanks for reading.

When hope is lost, I call You Savior.
When pain surrounds, I call You Healer.
When silence falls, You’ll be the song within my heart.

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