What To Do About Jennifer Knapp


Recently Christian music performer and song writer Jennifer Knapp revealed that she is a homosexual. Not just someone with homosexual urges, but someone in a long term relationship with another woman. So we’re out of the thought realm and into the real life realm. There are several interviews including one with Christianity Today. She is not the first Christian music artist to declare this sexual orientation. In 2008 Ray Boltz ended his Christian music career with the same pronouncement. Others have admitted struggles and some have pronounced themselves as overcomers. But Jennifer Knapp has brought this to our attention once again.

In the blogs and Facebook comments I’ve read, there seems to be a bit of handwringing about what to do. On the one hand there are those who now will pray for Jennifer to be restored back to faith and consider her lost to Satan until that happens. On the other hand there are the folks who do not want to be seen condemning any sin at all, and would just say we need to accept her as she is. god-hates-fags

You know, it’s easy to have conversation about this because to most of us Jennifer Knapp is a figure in the media. Celebrities should not decide our belief on any subject that God has already addressed.  If it hasn’t happened yet, there will one day be someone just like her in your church. And they won’t be someone at some distance somewhere, but they will  be someone about whom you care deeply.

So whether you buy Jennifer Knapp’s CD or not is immaterial to me. Do you like to hear her sing? Do you like her music? Then buy it. I do not regard you as sinning in doing so. In fact, I’d rather you buy Knapp’s CD than some of the garbage that might be inhabiting your CD collection. If you have scruples about buying her CD, then don’t. Let’s not judge each other on an issue like this. Because a much bigger issue is on the horizon. And that is what to do about homosexual believers who love God but remain in that lifestyle?

Jennifer Knapp says she has thought through her situation and does not regard herself as leaving the faith. Hasn’t everyone had big issues that they either glossed over or explained away? Whatever Jennifer’s thoughts are about homosexuality, it doesn’t change what the Scriptures plainly say.

Though it is not simple, that is the answer. The Scriptures tell us about this sin (and many others – some of which you and I are guilty). Those who are committed to Christ are struggling to be transformed in such away as to leave behind this and other sins. While we’re on this journey, we have the privilege of loving others who also walk with us.

Jennifer has let it be known that she isn’t walking away from this lifestyle. I hope she changes her mind. But God will be her judge on that matter, and He will do what is right. In the mean time, I would hope that Christians would be filled with mercy and grace, treating her with love. Who knows but that one day she might take another look at this issue. If so, let’s not have her looking at Christ through the lens of angry hateful speech and rejection. And likewise the person in your church who will surprise you one day with a similar choice. Can you love them with the love of Christ, who calls all people toward holiness?

Thanks for reading,  John

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