What Question Does the Resurrection Answer?

I was looking through some old sermon notes and found a section of thought that I really liked. As everyone knows preachers are notorious borrowers … and it’s possible that I borrowed this snippet from a book or some other source. So I won’t claim it, but I will share it. If you happen to know from whence it came, feel free to share the source.

What question does the resurrection of Jesus answer?

If you think that you have done enough so that God will save you – think again.

If you think that God has ignored you and given up on you – think again.

If you think that it is impossible to overcome sin in your life – think again.

If you think that all is lost and that your life is really over – think again.

If you think that your heart is dead because you’ve been hurt so often – think again.

The empty tomb answers the question: If God wanted to show us how far he would go to save us, what would he do? ┬áThe empty tomb is a testimony of God’s dogged pursuit of you. Don’t ever give up in trying to find a real connection to God. He desires to come near.

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