What I’ve Seen Recently

Recently I saw a woman in the Fred’s Dollar Store parking lot as I was walking into the store. She was gobbling down a cinnamon roll (or three) and drinking a coke. As I was leaving the store I saw her get out of her car, dump the pastry packaging and empty coke bottle in a nearby cart. There was a garbage can about 20 feet away.

Recently I saw a boy about fourteen years old at a Chinese food buffet. He was strolling toward the food bar with his index finger all the way in his mouth. I presume he was removing debris from his back teeth. Do you think he took his hand out of his mouth and grabbed a spoon at the buffet? Glad I was through.

Recently I saw a grown man at a local bank. I was waiting to see one of the workers there. She had a nice bowl of peppermints on her desk. They weren’t the regular kind of peppermints, they were the round puffy ones that are the best kind. I observed the ‘gentleman’ grab a GIANT handful of the peppermints and shove them down in his pocket. I said, loud enough for him to hear, ‘Help yourself’.

I do not have any reflections on my observations. These are just some things I’ve seen recently.


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