What Do Homeless Dogs Eat?

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Ten-year-old Noah has been coming to Dry Bones’ Thursday night meal with his dad, Michael, for almost a year now.

When Noah first came to the meal, he was bothered that there were so many young people that were living on the streets. His soft heart was clearly moved and he committed to get his homework done early from that day on in order to be a part of the Thursday night meal. While Michael wandered through the meal making sure that all the trash was collected, Noah was particularly drawn to each person who had a dog ( a lot of our friends have dogs as companions on the streets).

One night, Noah went home and asked his mom if she would assign a few more chores to him and let him make a little more in allowance. Wondering what was wrong with her son, she asked, “Wy?

” He then told her about his experience on Thursday nights. He was so happy that the young people got to eat really good food, but he could hardly stand to see all of the dogs not eating. He wondered, “What do homeless dogs eat?” He decided that he would buy dog food on his own and bring it every Thursday night to pass out to dog owners.

And that is exactly what Noah has been doing for nearly a year now. He comes with Michael every Thursday night with small, individually prepared bags of dog food.

While it’s easy for some of us to question whether or not a young person who is living on the streets should have a dog, Noah, with his ten-year-old view of our world, focuses on the need. He blesses the kids by caring for what they care for the most in this world. Noah’s dream is to become a veterinarian some day. We think he will make an excellent one.


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