What About The Cars?

For a few weeks I’ve been posting pictures of cars on my blog. A few people have asked about this practice and I suppose I ought to tell you why I am doing this.

The simple truth is that I love cars. I certainly cannot afford to buy all the cars I like because I like a lot of different kinds of cars. It would be easier if I only liked mustangs, or convertables, or thunderbirds … but I like them all. I have always considered selling cars as a potential second career sometime down the road … although I’m not sure I’d be too good at it. I’d rather own a car lot and drive a different car every day.

I like new cars and old cars. I like sporty cars and I like plain cars. I just like cars. My friend Al, who lives at the VA in Biloxi, also likes cars. He especially likes the really old ones (like he owned when he was young). He likes cars so much he started collecting these miniature cars from places like MOTOR MINT. Al has limited space so every once in a while he gives away his cars. He once gave me a shelf and thirteen cars to go on it. One of those cars is a replica of his first car. So, of course I have ordered some cars I like from that place … and my mom got me a neat set of police cars from Motor mint. There are other places, but Motor Mint is more reasonable than most and they usually send a free gift along with the orders. I have several of these in my office already. I hope to buy an inexpensive display cabinet to keep in my office to display them. They are a great conversation piece.

My neighbor has a ‘vette about like the one above. We traded toy ‘vettes a while back. He hasn’t offered to let me drive his baby around. I’m not actually sure I can fit into it.

Anyhow, it’s not a great story … but when I post a car picture it’s just one inexpensive way of expressing my love for the automobile. Send me a picture of your car and I’ll post it …. maybe!

What’s been your favorite car that you’ve owned? What was your first car?
I don’t really have a favorite … I’ve never really owned a cool car. But my first car was a 1963 Plymouth Valiant. It had belonged to my grandmother. It did not look as good as the one below.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time … Keep on dreaming!





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