My mother is here visiting with us and we are enjoying that so much! Since she’s an original trekkie, I took her to see the new Star Trek movie. We both enjoyed it so much! Afterward we were looking for someplace to get a bite to eat. I noticed a new sign advertising a little cafe that recently opened next to a coffee shop. We decided to give it a try.

At first we tried to go into the cafe, but that door was locked. One of the patrons who was sitting outside at a table informed us that we had to through the coffee shop. So we went in through the coffee shop. No one spoke to us and it wasn’t obvious where we were to go. We wandered into the cafe. As I recall it didn’t look much like a cafe. There were some people there working on something behind the counter but they never looked up. So we stood there a few minutes and then wandered back into the coffee shop. A very nice young lady asked us if she could help us. I told her we were there for lunch and asked if we could see a menu. She then informed us that the cafe was closed. We left the coffee shop in search of a more substantial foodsource!

I don’t know about you, but I always feel so lost going into a new building or facility. Having no familiarity with how things work or where things are is a very uncomfortable feeling. I’m not interested in critiquing the new cafe. Maybe I’ll stop by there another time. But I am interested in comparing that experience to someone who walks into a church assembly for the first time.

Which one of these mistakes made by the cafe are made at your church every week?

*Is there a lack of clearly marked hours / meeting times?

*Are there maps / directions to the areas in which you are interested. (classes, restrooms, etc.)?

*When strangers walk in, does everyone continue in their conversations?

*By the time someone greets your guest, have they already wished they weren’t there – and made up their mind not to return?

*Is the process / flow of what is expected explained or available?

*Is the guest at your church offered some time with someone who wants to serve them, or are they almost a bother to you?

*What efforts are made to turn the first time guest into a returning friend?

Maybe you can come up with some other questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts about welcoming, loving, serving, and developing relationships with your guests. Have you ever been to a church that turned out kinda like that cafe experience? What do you think a guest expects as they walk into your doors for the first time? Is that a reasonable expectation?

On Twitter Randy Vaughn asked:  Could we say the same thing about our church websites?

Wow! I hadn’t thought of that!

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