Welcome To The New Internet

It might be just a little to soon to proclaim it, but I think we already have the new Internet sitting right before us on our screens. I know there are still a few holdouts, but really that’s becoming a matter of eccentricity. If you have online service then you should use Facebook.

OK, maybe you were expecting some major revelation – but with the advent of Facebook e-mail, I really do not know too many areas of the internet that have not been appropriated by Facebook. Email, pictures, blogs, chat, news, connections, games, humor, videos … it’s all to be found on Facebook. Although I am a huge Twitter fan, even many of us feel the need to import our tweets into Facebook so most people will see them.

With 400 million active users (Facebook Statistics) one could rightly ask why I would even write a blog post like this. (And those of you reading this on Facebook might especially have the right to ask that!)

I’m writing this because I’m still running into a few folks who either haven’t used Facebook, or who just dabble in it here and there.

Is Facebook the ‘new internet’? Yes I think it is. I wonder how many of us check in on our Facebook account every time we sit down at our computer? Other than e-mail (for the present) and some news headlines, most everything else we want to know and do is on Facebook.

I think Facebook is the ‘new internet’ because it is rapidly developing. Some of the other social networks were left in the dust because they did not develop their product. The powers that be at Facebook, however, have demonstrated an ongoing effort to become THE internet destination. And I think they’ve done it.

And I think they’ve done it so well that if you have a blog or a website and you’re not promoting it on Facebook – you’re suffering a great loss of audience. Of course I’m interested in Christianity and it’s place on Facebook. Here are a few observations.

*Ministers can now be a part of the everyday life of the people who they see every Sunday. This is usually a good thing, although there is the occasional photo montage that someone may have forgotten their preacher can see (or they don’t care).

*Christians can share the message of Christ through blogs, interesting observations, prayer chains, encouragements. My friend list has a lot of Christians, and I see a lot of encouragement and love going on!

*If someone chooses to ignore Facebook, or just dabble in it, they have failed to realize its potential, and have severely limited their own potential. That’s my perspective anyhow.

So yeah … those of you who are resistant to Facebook, go ahead and jump in. There will always be a number of social networks and means to communicate. But as far as I can see, Facebook IS the new Internet. Use it to God’s glory!

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