12 Things I know About Weight Loss


I am writing this post to myself (and maybe it will be of value to someone else). In the morning I am going to weigh-in at Weight Watchers. It has been a disastrous couple of weeks. Yes…weeks. So it is not going to be pretty … but there is power in knowing. In my years of struggling with my weight, here are some things I’ve written to myself this afternoon.

1. Everything you eat matters. Any time of day or night, whether anyone sees you or not, even if you can justify it. Stop stocking things in your pantry that sabotage yourself.

2. Accountability empowers; secret eating brings both shame and defeat. I will stand up on the scales in front of a Weight Watchers leader and she will write down the reality. I can stay for a meeting a hear concepts to encourage me, along with a room full of other strugglers.

3. Everybody has advice for you. We live in such a nutrition-conscious culture that many regard themselves as experts. Learn what you can from any source, but don’t let anyone cause you to give up.

4. When you ditch your diet (eating plan, lifestyle, whatever) for one meal it can easily turn into one day. One day can easily become one week. Even more. We know this.

5. Truth is your friend. People like me with lifelong weight issues can find comfort in food-lies. It always catches up.

6. There is no diet plan that allows you to eat without restraint the foods that made you fat. Most diet plans allow you to eat the other food that didn’t contribute to your weight gain. That other food didn’t make you fat.

7. My Weight Watcher leader: “Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Choose your hard.”

8. Commit to the long-term, but just think about getting through today. Like any addictive behavior, it is dealt with one day at a time.

9. My friend Steve told me a long time ago: Food is fuel. It is not comfort, it is not fun, it is not escape, it is not celebration. It can be used for all of those, but that doesn’t negate the reality of what is going into your body. Find comfort in God, fun and celebration with people, escape with a brisk walk.

10. Perseverance is one of the most powerful keys. Discouragement can set in and cause you to want to give up. Deciding to quit is deciding to re-gain your losses and endanger your health.

11. Move. You don’t have to run a marathon (unless you want to!). Get up off your rear and walk, clean house, work in the yard, take a lap around the block. That’s a good habit to develop.

12. You are going to crash and burn. I don’t mean to be negative, but for people like me who have been at this for decades … it’s going to happen. How we respond to that episode can make a big difference. When you get up in the morning get back to it.

Thanks for reading, JD.

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