Weight Loss: Your Mileage May Vary

I’ve been pondering the thought of addressing one of my lifelong struggles on my blog in such an open way for some time now. I’ve got a lot more to say about this issue. According to the news there is a lot more of ‘us’ than there are ‘them’. So in my first three posts on the issue I just wanted to lay out some of the realities that I see from my place in the world.

Not everyone sees things the same way, of course.  Can you think of an issue that everyone agrees upon? If the late Dr. Atkins and Dr. Oz got into the same room we might have a great cage match! But the truth is that they have both helped a lot of people lose weight. Atkids and the Low-Fatters are like Mac people vs the PC crowd. They all basically want the same thing and happen to think that their way is the best way to make that happen.

Those of us who are of the larger variety tend to hear lots of advice from well meaning people about what to do with our problem. I do like to hear about the various things people have done that have helped them. I am in your corner. But no matter what you say helped you, I know a lot of other people that tried the same thing and it didn’t help them. And can I tell you something about me? If one tries to apply pressure in some way I turn into a rebel without a cause in a hurry. Some people are so touchy. I’m touchy on this subject. I doubt you understand that it is with VAST uncomfortableness that I venture into these areas in a public arena.

I am writing about this because…

– I know there are a lot of other people who are struggling with this issue.

– I must now begin to curtail the enormous addiction to sugar / sweets that is my greatest downfall.

– I must move more and consistently.

– I must seek God in this effort. I have proven that I do not have what it takes to do it on my own.

– I must continue to open up honestly on this subject.

So, there it is. It doesn’t have anything to do much with “going on a diet” (although changing eating habits is a must). It has a lot to do with using food as ‘fuel’ (as my friend Steve Martin taught me a long time ago. No, not the comedian.) – not as fun, not as reward, not as comfort. There are a lot of country songs that talk about drowning your sorrows in a beer. I never liked beer, but I’ve drowned a lot of sorrows in a bag of cookies.

Thanks for reading.