Weep – by Josh Linton


It’s easier to just stay asleep,
avoid the world, refuse to weep,
ignore the suffering and the pain
and dream a life absent the slain
heroes we conjure, help us cope
in a world where our only hope
sheds his tears in deathly sorrow
and summons wails despite tomorrow.

So weep
for a world destroyed by fear.
And wail
when the stench of death falls near.
Get mad
for a child’s broken heart.
And cry
when families rip apart.

In our mourning a morning breaks,
resisting Hell, its pillars shake.
Refusing somber resignation,
defying death by demonstration
of blood-shot eyes and angry voices
we cry against our fathers’ choices.
We weep for those who’ve lost their way
and weep in spite of better days.

Josh Linton is an occasional contributor to this blog.

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