I hope your weekend is going well. We are baking in the oven that is the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August. Sweating comes as natural as breathing at this time of year. This tropical climate is not something I enjoy … nor over the past 15 years have I gotten used to it.  But hey, it’s summer and it’s hot most everywhere. Perhaps it is an excellent reminder of the faithful promise of God for the change of the seasons.

Yesterday I went to New Orleans to see my mother. It’s been too long since I went over to visit with her and my stepdad. He has had a recent cancer scare – a spot on his lung which is benign. They do plan to run a catscan next month to take another glance at it. He was supervising some work being done on their house, so me and mom went out for the afternoon. We enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum  soooo much (shaky camera work and all). Mom had not seen the first two, so she’s excited to try to get those and catch up. After the movie we ate a late lunch at Nacho Mama’s Mexican Grill. I had an awesome Mama’s Ultimate Veggie Baked Burrito. Mom got the taco salad and then envied my lunch the whole time! We were going to stop by Starbucks on the way home, but we were way too full for that. It was a great visit and I enjoyed it so much.

Recently on the iPod I have listened to Trey Morgan’s message The Decaying of Our Moral System. It was very good. I also listened to friend Les Ferguson, Jr preach an evangelistic message through Romans 6 that was good. I’ve also listened to Brian Houston preach at Hillsong London on the subject The Moment of Opportunity. Awesome message. I mainly listen to these while walking on the track or in bits and pieces while I’m driving around.

Last week while traveling I listened to Patrick Mead’s four part series on the history of acappella singing in churches of Christ. You owe it to yourself to listen to this series. I think he said on the podcast that they have it available at Rochester Church of Christ, but you can hear it for free on iTunes. I have to say that I heard many things that I never knew … and maybe that’s just my ignorance. I never realized that some of the instruments approved in the Old Testament were not melodic, but simply noisemakers. I never understood the early church’s aversion to music because of the connections with Rome and paganism. The significance of the loss of the temple as it relates to the lack of instruments in the NT is something I’ve never heard in a lesson on the evils of instrumental music. It was all presented to me as if God had directed the order himself. I was unaware of the history behind the development of the mythical “law of silence”. The influence of the slavery and pacifism question and their place in the history of acappella singing is fascinating as well. And there is so much more … I want to thank Patrick Mead for the enlightenment….and also Josh Graves who offered the second of the four messages. Check it out.

Starting this Wednesday I will be teaching a class on the Spiritual Disciplines. I don’t know how many people will be interested in this class. I know that many churches deal with the issue of non-interest in assemblies after Sunday morning. Frankly, I no longer know what it would take to interest people enough to come out on a Wednesday night for conversation, Bible study, and renewal. We’ve tried several things that all basically have had the same result. So I’m just going to teach a class that I’m very interested in and hope that it interests and helps others as well. I may start another blog with the classnotes for anyone interested….and for any of our members who are homebound or live at a distance where it is impractical to participate regularly.

So what are you doing this weekend?

I hope and pray that your worship time tomorrow with the Family is full of the richness of God’s Spirit … building up your soul to battle the temptations and weariness of next week. 


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Thunderstorm activity has picked up on the west coast of Africa, and it appears that one or two strong African waves will push off the coast over the coming week. Most of the computer models forecast that one of these waves will develop into a tropical depression. – Dr. Jeff Masters

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