Well, it’s the weekend and there really isn’t much to blog about. I’ve spent the week trying to stay off of my leg as much as possible. It is much better, thanks for the prayers. My family has been in North Mississippi celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday. I stayed to be here on Sunday and because I’m going to be gone all next week (more on that later). Needless to say it’s been very quiet at my house this weekend and I have enjoyed it. About right now it’s getting just a little TOO quiet, but that will change rapidly tomorrow afternoon when the family gets back home. A prayer for their safety would be appreciated.

I was having some trouble getting settled on my sermon for tomorrow. The selected text is Acts 11. It qualifies as “selected” because it’s after Acts 10 and Before Acts 12. What I do sometimes when I’m kinda stuck is go over to Sermon Central dot com and see what other preachers have done with it. I confess that this seldom helps, but sometimes I get a good story or a one-liner or something from the sermons I look at there. I figured out while reading those from Acts 11 that most of the other preachers were in the same situation I was … not knowing what to do with it. Anyhoo, you can hear mine on the podcast once I get it uploaded and see how it goes.

Tomorrow is ‘Friends and Family Fellowship Day’ (I’m the only one that calls it that). We will have lots of food, laughs, hugs, tears, and food. If you’re local, come on over.

The recent school shootings have made it difficult to watch the news. How do we explain a generation of young people who, when faced with a difficult problem, choose to kill someone rather than work it out? One of the school shootings wasn’t a young person. I have more questions than answers but I can’t help but wonder why our youth are so desensitized to the realities of life and death that these killings mean nothing to them. Perhaps it is the messages of killing, rape, and violence that is piped through their headphones and directly into their brains. Or maybe it is the gigantic visual images of explosions, torture, and revenge projected onto a screen.  It could even be the nightly news. Easy targets, I know. Still, the message is coming from somewhere that this is a way to solve problems.

Speaking of the silver screen, one theater owner refused to show the number one movie in the nation: Jackass 2. I haven’t ever watched the television show, and I didn’t watch the first movie, so I’m surely not going to see #2. This is the number one movie in the Unites States of America, folks. There are other appealing movies out. This tells us who is driving the box office, and why we will see a Jackass 3. The next movie I plan on seeing is Open Season, preferably in IMAX.

Well, my little tracker says that many of you are still going through the old Hope Remains site to get here. Look, just bookmark the current version. Why are you putting it off? It’s so easy and you will save time and thereby save money. I’m trying to help you out here! OK, I really don’t care what you do but one day you may try to go to that site and it may not be there…then what will you do? If you poke your eye out trying to get to this blog, don’t call me.

Commander’s Palace returns to New Orleans. Why hasn’t my mother ever taken me there?

Mississippi has received 9.1 Billion dollars in aid for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Don’t touch ANYTHING! When you’re pushing that cart at the grocery store, do you ever wonder who just touched that cart…and whether or not they were sick?

Everyone keeps asking me what I think about T. O.’s episode last weekend. OK, so no one has asked. But I think it was all a publicity stunt. There. I said it.



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