Weekend Ruminations

There is a cool breeze coming in off of the Gulf waters. The sky is brilliant pink and dusty blue as the sun rises on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A heron moves gracefully along a piling, reaching swiftly to retrieve breakfast from the brine. Mullets rejoice in the dawn as they soar high above the water sometimes jumping two or three times to the rythm of the undersea universe. Along the shoreline fishermen cast their nets and hope to catch an unlucky fish that was swimming a little too close to shore today. A hermit crab clings to the concrete sea wall, wondering how long it will be until high tide washes him away. Fishing boats grow smaller against the horizon as they head out to sea for today’s catch. These are the things I observe on the days when I decide to walk along Beach Boulevard. I’m up to three miles per day and it feels good.


This week I sat in the hospital while my friend Ron Webb underwent an operation … actually the fourth operation in the same area for the same reason. It seems that he has contracted a serious and advanced staph infection and is in serious condition. I found it interesting that in the waiting room with his wife Kathy was an elder and wife from Ocean Springs, an elder and wife from Vancleave … actually people from four different congregations assembled to wait and pray and serve. This gives some insight into Ron’s influence, and the love among people that he engenders. Keep him in your prayers … each day is a challenge at this point. I hope to see him today.


“In the deep stillness of the heart let every anxious care be hushed and cheerful Hope diffuse her grateful balm. Let the sorrows of the mind be banished from this place, for the Being in whose presence we appear is the God of consolation and of hope…With what heart-felt assurance, then, should we make his sheltering wings our refuge.” — Robert Richardson, Communings in the Sanctuary, p. 2.

Today we went to Weight Watchers and something great happened! I’m blogging today for the first time in years weighing under 300 lbs. What a terrible thing to say … it’s a gigantic number … but I am headed in the right direction! Late last year my doctor ordered me to lose weight or suffer the consequences on my leg that has occasional cellulitis and swelling episodes. I was at about 335 then. It’s been an up and down year …. some good months … some bad ones. I think my six-month commitment to Weight Watchers is paying off. I am walking 3 miles a day five or six days a week. The knowledge I am gaining in the addiction recovery group and in studying the spiritual disciplines are also helping me turn to God for help with this life long struggle. And it is a struggle, and I do not have it licked. But I know my friends … and I know you will rejoice with me and look ahead to the future as the effort continues!

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Well, traffic on the weekend slows WAAYYYY down … so thanks for stopping by … that’s a lot of links but I’m thankful that there are so many great things being written and posted on the blogs. What a rich community!



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