In between house repairs, travels, and bunches of other stuff I haven’t blogged much. Maggy and I are in Monroe this weekend. I do not have to preach this Sunday at Forsythe, but I wanted to be here to see the young men lead the worship on Youth Sunday.

Maggy and I have been to the movies a few times this week. We went to see JUMPER a few nights ago. A “jumper” is someone who has the ability to travel from one location to another instantly. The jumpers have enemies who want to kill them. It was an entertaining adventure, but reminded me of a pilot episode of a new TV series. Hayden Christensen was excellent and the special effects were super duper. The story was good, not great. If it makes any money at all watch for JUMPER 2, 3, et. cetera.

Last night we watched Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. This comedy centers around the gathering of a family at the 50th wedding anniversary of the Jenkinses. The ensemble cast includes James Earl Jones, Martin Lawrence, Green Mile’s Michael Clarke Douglas, and Cedric the Entertainer. Amid the comedic episodes there are wholesome themes of the importance of family, the difference between marrying for love and marrying for status, overcoming busyness in order to be a good parent, and forgiveness. However, this is not a movie you’ll show down at church. The humor is often ribald and at times, for me, over my comfort threshold. In my opinion, it should have been rated R.

Next on my list, is Vantage Point. I hope to see it soon. Aside from having LOST cast member Matthew Fox, it looks like an intense thriller!

Speaking of LOST, I was a bit disappointed this week. The episode may have been building some things up for the future, but as a stand-alone episode it was a bummer. However, it goes to prove that the Oceanic 6 are all lying about their experience on the island. They have declared that everyone else is dead … that Kate was the hero … and that Aaron is Kate’s son. How do we get from here to there? That’s what the rest of the season is about I suppose. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode… I’m not through with the series by a longshot. Sometimes the importance of an episode is not evident until later. That’s why I most like watching the season on DVD … three or four episodes at a time!

I’m caught up again on Google Reader, so there are some new HOT POSTS.

Nick says that this new theme is hard to see on his computer. What about you?

Yes, my podcast thing messed up this week … I’m about through with podomatic … it’s just so undependable. I can’t seem to go in and remove the multiple copies of the last episode … got any suggestions for a new podcast host?

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. We’ll end this post with a video of Hillsong Worship’s From The Inside Out.


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