Wednesday on the Coast

David & Elaine Kilbern

 MY DAY. It is a bright and cool morning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I spent most of my day yesterday making some visits and trying to help a friend. I also have let almost 700 e-mails build up in my account. I’m sure there are some to which I need to reply. Most will be deleted. So I’m trying to get control of that. I updated our church website with some more current information. I did manage to get by Dough Joe’s and have a cup of New Orleans Pecan Praline flavored coffee while sitting on the porch talking to my friend Danny Dodd on the phone. Usually while I’m there I bump into someone I know, and that was the case yesterday. It’s a good place to visit with community friends.

TV TALK. Last night Margaret and I finished watching season two of LOST.  (I even missed American Idol for this!) It now occurs to me that we are not ready to watch the beginning of season three (tonight!) … as the show is in mid-season. I guess I can catch up via iTunes. Since I watched seasons one and two within the space of three weeks, my theory about television shows holds up. I think most shows have a great first season. After that, they struggle to keep it all going. I remember the first season of E. R. had me breathless each episode. From there they continued to change the characters until all of the good guys were bad and all the bad guys were good and the show had lost it’s punch. That’s MY perspective. It’s still running, so I guess that people are still watching! Back to American Idol, next week begin the shows from Hollywood when the real competition begins.

KILBERN CATCH-UP. David and Elaine are taking a well-deserved breather in Missouri. On their way up they stopped in at University Church of Christ in Conway, AR. David said he was amazed at how many familiar faces he saw. This church has been one of our biggest partners in hurricane relief. Dusty Rush is the minister for this church. This church is providing a significant part of my salary this year and they have been personally involved in several trips to the Coast. They had a prayer for David and Elaine and the work here during the worship hour. I encouraged David to turn his phone off and clear his mind … but he has it on. His heart for the people of this community is nothing short of inspirational. I’m not telling any of you who have volunteered here anything you do not already know. Elaine has been a hero, working for days on end in the kitchen and in other ways that many people never know about. I do not know that I have ever met any couple who love to serve more than these two. One of the groups that the Kilberns work closely with is Americorps. This volunteer force utilizes the energy of young people from across the nation. Most of these young people are not Christians. One of their works is to staff and maintain Operation TLC – a Jackson County volunteer housing place. David has agreed to help feed volunteers when they come to work with Americorps. So at any given time our dining hall will be filled with young people from across the nation who do not know Jesus Christ. Last week we had a group of graduate students from Princeton University in New Jersey. They were an awesome bunch of folks. David worked hard to accomodate them. Among the group were the non-religious, the Christian, and some Jewish students. The love of Christ was demonstrated to them in a very real way. To illustrate how much the students love David and Elaine, they presented the Kilberns with a thank-you card and a dozen roses. Sunday volunteers roll in from Colorado and we will be off to a fantastic calendar filled with God’s Big Family from across the us. A work-crew report can always be found at Central’s website.

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