Wednesday Night on the Coast


The above video is a little experiment to see if I could make my own and post them…and it worked! It is a video of groups from Kentucky and Florida as they paint the inside of our auditorium today. These crews, plus one from Colorado, have done an awesome job this week. They are so happy and such servants. These groups continue to affirm my confidence that we have met the greatest people on earth. They came right here to Pascagoula, Mississippi over the past 14 months.

Tonight we set up all of our tables and chairs on our newly level floor and had a great time of worship. We had a really good crowd and a fantastic message from Lee Robinson. Lee’s message from Genesis 32-33 about Jacob was full of wisdom for living and a passionate appeal to give our lives to Jesus. There was a lot of excitement in the air as we all enjoyed looking at the progress being made on our building.

There are many signs of progress in Pascagoula. So many have been here and done so much … it is impossible to estimate the amount of work that has been accomplished. But there is plenty more to do. David says that we have found two additional houses that have had nothing done to them since the storm, and elderly people are living in them. I can’t imagine what this has done to their health, their dignity, and to their spirits. Pictured here is the Pascagoula Post Office. I took that picture today (Wednesday). There are no signs of activity in restoring or demolishing this needed building. This building stands as a silent reminder that there are many homes yet to be repaired, and many hopless people who may never live in their homes again. Every day when I read in the obituaries of some elderly person in our city that died, I wonder if they were able to spend their last days in their home … or in a camper.

 Yes, for those who were following the KINGDOM COME posts, they will return. This has been a crazy week of catching up. Tomorrow looks to be active from beginning to end. We will return some pews to the Rodenberg church that we have been using since the storm. We also will be having a preacher lunch with Roger Mills tomorrow. Then I’ll be giving blood in the early afternoon.

And now surfing the blogs…

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And now for a smile…

Did you hear about the chicken who swallowed a yo-yo?
She laid the same egg 5 times. (from PHC)

Hope your Thursday is a great one! Thanks for reading!

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