Wednesday Morning on the Coast

The volunteers from Illinois and Pennsylvania have been working very hard in five different homes.

*One home is one I mentioned a few blogs back … a lady and her daughter living in a home with no walls, no flooring, no air conditioning, no heat, on box springs. She works at a nursing home serving others … but no one has served her. Until now. When I was there yesterday there was drywall going up. The crew that worked there called their home church and asked them to pay for a central ac/heating unit, and they said “YES”. So this sweet lady is finally getting the help she so desperately needed. FEMA told her she did not have enough damage to qualify for help. Right. Anyhow, today they should be mudding the drywall and this shell of a house is starting to look like a home.

 *Another group is working in Mrs. Jerri’s home. Several groups have helped this lovely elderly lady. Yesterday I took a picture of them sitting down, but they were waiting for the paint to dry. They also set a new commode and did some other repair work. It will not be long before Jerri can move out of her camper and into her home.

*One group is working in a small home where the lady of the house is confined to a wheelchair. Yesterday they were putting on finishing touches such as painting baseboards, staining a countertop, and installing some appliances. This elderly couple will likely be able to move into their home at the end of this week.

*Another group is working in a man’s house who was ripped off by contractors who did shoddy work and left before it was over. This crew went in and began fixing the poor work, finishing the unfinished stuff, and will get him a long way down the road. Some of the crew even went out and cleaned his yard for him – an act of service I know will touch his heart. This is a man we have worked with off and on for months. His daughter passed away not long after the storm, and he has had a tough time of it.

*Many have worked in Mrs. Magee’s home, and it is coming along so nicely. It won’t be long. I took a picture of someone installing a hot water heater yesterday. Flooring was going down and there was painting being done.

 In most of the homes now residents are buying the materials because we can no longer purchase them, and because the Governor’s grants are coming through. The need is skilled labor with unskilled assistants. I’m so excited to see the prospects of several people moving back into their homes this week. I’m also noticing several other groups out working around town. This mild winter weather has made it a perfect time to get lots of work done.


Tonight at Central we will continue our viewing of the Gospel of Matthew, The Visual Bible. We have two more nights until we finish the series. What’s next? I’ll let you know soon.


American Idol started the real competition last night. The twelve guys left standing all gave a performance last night. Two of them will be sent home Thursday night. Most of them are mediocre. But the ones left will improve over each week. Tonight the ladies will perform. Even Al Sturgeon is getting into the swing of things (finally), even though he loathes himself for it! He left a comment a few posts back. I liked the beatbox guy, Blake Lewis. But I voted for Jared Carter. How can I possibly vote seriously this early in the competition? He was the only one who didn’t hold up his fingers to signify what his vote number was. That annoys me. Especially when #11 held up one finger on each hand, then had to look down to see if he had the right number. Anyway… I know that this is a capricious way to vote, but I’ll only feel bad if someone goes home with a one-vote loss.

LOST. A new episode of LOST airs tonight. I still have not watched last week’s episode. This is not a good plan. Watching them out of order is not an option. On the latest LOST podcast, though, we are assured that the show is getting off the Alcatraz island and back to the beach with the other survivors. This is nothing but good news.


HELP PAULA! No, not Paul Abdul….Paula Harrington. She is doing a survey in preparation for an article she is writing. She is asking for thsoe who take the survey to members of the Church of Christ. It is completely anonymous, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Results will be posted at in april. Click on the word SURVEY to begin.*****

Well, that’s two blogs in one morning … but I wanted to keep the other one separate. If you haven’t taken a look at my last post on Meditation, I encourage you to do that. Thanks for reading!

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