Wednesday In Tulsa

I remember when it took 13 -14 hours to get to Tulsa from the Coast. Today it only took just over 8 hours. It was a good trip, though. We got to the hotel, unloaded, then dashed to Memorial Drive. We had to sit upstairs in the balcony because there was standing room only in the house! So we missed the big feeding and we missed most of the singing, but we did hear three songs.  The Memorial Praise Team is just excellent … their harmonies and spirit are a testimony to God’s work in their lives and Shane Coffman’s hard work with the group. Lovely. Don McLaughlin’s message was very WOW. I hope that’s available for a wider audience… Don is just excellent.

I Love Memorial’s slogan, which was on this banner in the foyer:
And to top the day off Maggy and I had a great meal at the Village Inn.
Take a look at those Pies baby!
Looking forward to tomorrow in a big way! Hope your day is filled with blessings, wherever you are.

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