Greetings Friends!

Just keeping you posted these days … and I do appreciate the encouraging comments. Dad has now received three radiation treatments. Nausea has begun to set in. Monday was his best day so far this week, today was just passable. Maggy has felt sick the past few days as well, and we’re hoping she is recovering. I think it is exhaustion from our being on the road and moving in the past two weeks.

It is our plan to head to Pascagoula tomorrow to see our grandchildren (and their parents I guess!).

John Robert and Criag Hicks after Katrina at our house.

Friday morning we will leave in time to stop in Jackson to pick up Craig Hicks from the airport. Then we will head to Monroe. I guess Craig must be a pretty good friend to invite to our house full of boxes. He did see our Coast house when it was yet to be repaired after Katrina, so this will be better than that!

I’ve been looking for a way to archive my sermons on the internet and have chosen to set up the SERMON FILE group in Google Groups. I will use other’s sermons as well. You’re invited to join that group – which will be no discussion, just posting of sermon outlines – if you’re interested!

And there is so much to do at the Monroe house. Our family relationships just have taken their rightful priority. We need to be in town long enough to buy and place a refrigerator … living out of that ice chest is not so great! We had new mattress and box springs delivered – but they brought the wrong ones. So we have to wait for the right ones to be delivered. I’ve got a shed full of boxes that need to be taken down and taken to the curb so I can use it.

And I have the most mosquitoes per square inch of anyone in America. A few suggestions I have received:

  • Box fans blowing toward the doors. My brother in law says they don’t like that.
  • Moth balls (icky smell)
  • Some plant I’ve seen advertised that mosquitoes do not like
  • Spraying the yard with cutter (the birds will just have to take their own risks)
  • Never stepping outside
  • Consuming Vitamin B
  • Spraying stuff on me every time I step out the door
  • Burning citronella candles
  • Keeping a “Bounce” dryer sheet on me when outside. (I considered making a bounce suit… don’t know if I can buy enough boxes.)

I’ll figure out something.

Mostly I’m excited about DISCOVER this weekend. Pray that God uses it to bless the lives of young people from all over the SouthEast.

Thanks for reading,


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