Greetings friends! I haven’t had much time for blogging lately. I haven’t even had time to read blogs – over 500 are listed on my Google Reader. I’ll make my way through them eventually … got to keep that hot posts link up to date!

Yesterday morning I joined the elders and youth minister for their weekly time of prayer. It was a precious time for me to be with these men who gather early in the morning to pray for the sick and hurting people of our congregation and our community. I had plenty of drop in visitors during the morning hours, which was enjoyable. Jason and I spent a significant amount of time together yesterday, as he helps orient me to the history and strengths of Forsythe. Jason is a man dedicated to Jesus Christ. In addition, he is a veteran youth minister, having now given 15 years of his life to helping young people. He and his wife Christina are a joy to know.  One of our elders, Micah Harper, is featured in a news story about his coaching work at Ouachita Christian School in today’s sports page. All of our elders are humble and godly men who are well known and respected in the community here.

It was a bad weather night across the SouthEast. Eighteen people lost their lives in the storms that raced across our part of the country. There are reports of damage, trapped college students, and a collapsed wall at a big mall in Memphis HERE. We had plenty of warnings and watches in the Monroe area, but I never knew of any severe weather.

I have a ministry friend who is in great need of prayer. God knows who he is … so if you would, say a prayer for him and his family. When preachers entrust their lives to church leaders / elders, a great amount of trust is given. When the rug is yanked out from under a preacher, he doesn’t have much elbow room in which to support his family.

I have posted the audio from this past Sunday on my PODCAST PAGE. The first segment is a charge from the elders and youth minister, prayers, and then my sermon follows.

Well, thanks for reading. I hope to get back in the swing of daily posts soon!


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