Visiting The Mississippi Coast

Cool Rider Blake

We have been visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast this week for a few days. We arrived here Friday evening. Saturday we spent most of the day in Mobile, Alabama at our granddaughter’s dance competition. As everyone knows these things take a long time. The competition was in downtown Mobile, at the same time as the Mardi Gras parade! At one point there was a forced interruption of the dance competition because a team couldn’t get into the theater because of blocked off streets! During that break, I went out and snapped some pictures of the parade and caught a few beads. No moon pies, however. Claire’s dance routines were exceptional … especially one Lion King medley. They received two awards … one for each dance presentation.

Award Winning Dancer Claire
Award Winning Dancer Claire

It was also a birthday weekend for Blake, who turned two over the weekend. We had some gifts and cake. He enjoyed his birthday song so much he could be heard several times singing his own version of it. Both of our grandkids and their parents are special to us – not surprisingly.

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama
Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama

We also went into our Coast house … which still hasn’t sold. There are many memories that come to mind while walking those halls … walking into John Robert’s room, now empty. Sunday morning we worshiped with the Central Church of Christ and enjoyed seeing so many old friends. Rod Tate now serves as their minister and is doing a very good job from everything I hear! Rod graciously invited me to say anything I’d like to the church and I enjoyed an opportunity to express some of my thoughts to them. It was my first Sunday to worship with the church since the Sunday after John Robert died. In the audience were people who have since battled cancer, one brother who has lost his son since we moved away, former members who have decided to come back, tears, smiles, and hugs. Wish I could have had time to sit down with everyone. One of our old hurricane recovery friends from the initial response also was present that day, and it was great to see him. He didn’t know I had moved away, nor the other things that had happened in my life. My favorite greeting was from Ron Webb, who claimed to be happy to see me because for so long now he’s been the ugliest one there, and today he got a break! We had a lunchtime visit when we were treated to Cracker Barrel by Jim and Jackie Ingram. Joining us at the table were Julia Wetherington, Sonnie and Bobbie Lowe, and Stella Prince.

Monday Maggy and I had lunch with Jim Ingram and Veto Roley at Monica’s. We enjoyoed further conversation and catching up … and fried green tomatoes. Today (Tuesday) was also a day of visiting with friends. We started with a long liesurely breakfast at LaFont with Roger and Pam Hyatt. We enjoy their company so much…and miss them as next door neighbors! We took a short break and then met Julia Wetherington for lunch at the mall. We saw Mack and Rosie Vice walking in the mall  and enjoyed a talk with them as well!

In between all these visits and spending time with the grandkiddies, we also have been trying to sort through the stuff in our storage unit. We  are making progress toward getting that taken care of…but it’ll still be a while.

Tomorrow we head to New Orleans to spend a few days with mother. Looking forward to that.

So now you’re all caught up on what’s been going on with us.

If you were interested!

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