Update on Caledonia

You can read my original post on the tornado that destroyed the Caledonia church of Christ buildings … and the ministry into which Shane Meredith has been placed HERE.

I talked with Shane late yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. He reported that they had a large crowd for Sunday morning worship in their borrowed facility. There was a good number of community visitors.  A. L. and June Franks, who edit The Magnolia Messenger, were in attendance and did an interview, took some pictures.

I asked him if any of the church members had lost their homes, and he reported that they had not. There is a man that they know who has attended there a good bit who did lose their home. They are trying to get him set up in an apartment. I’m sure whatever funds that can be sent from churches and individuals would be appreciated.

On a personal note, I drove to New Orleans yesterday to accompany my mother to some of her radiation treatments. Unfortunately my dad was admitted to the hospital last night with a flareup of COPD. Prayers for both would be appreciated.

It’s not too late to do a Sunday report in the previous post! Thanks for reading!


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