I arose this morning with the joyful expectation of seeing my family by mid-day, but this was not the case. I packed up my stuff and loaded it in the van. It was pretty chilly this morning. I sat down behind the wheel and inserted the key. Unfortunately the key would not turn. I tried all the tricks, but nothing would make it turn. So I called a tow truck and had it taken to the Dodge place here in town. There might be a better mechanic or more affordable one, but I figured they would be on top of Chrysler repairs. They promised to try to have it repaired by this afternoon. I’m waiting on my call. Ken Dorsey is going to take me over to the shop to pick it up when they call. In the mean time I’ve been in limbo with no transportation. I did enjoy a lunch with Jason at a restaurant who’s name I can neither spell nor pronounce.

I’ve had two people now suggest that perhaps God was protecting me from something and that is why I had this unusual problem. Maybe so. His ways are mysterious to be sure. I still hope to travel home this evening, although I’m always nervous about traveling at night. Especially in a van with 100,000 + miles on it! But I did preach on Fearless Faith this past Sunday (podcast here – don’t ask me why there are five copies of it … grrrr)!

So at times I have been able to keep up with the news of today.

 *Castro has passed Cuba to his brother. I bet his cousins are jealous.

*The Presidential Candidates are out stumping and hoping. I looked in my crystal ball and Billary on a Clinton/Clinton ticket beats McCane/Huckleberry to become the new Presidentress.

*There’s a global pact to eradicate obesity under discussion. Someone pass me a twinkie.

*Nancy Regan fell down and got back up. I’m glad she’s OK but why is this news?

*Sharon Stone offered a controversial comment about the war in Iraq. Haven’t we all been waiting for Miss Stone’s take on the war?

*Wal-Mart is still making a profit. Unimaginable.

*Lindsey Lohan posed naked for picture. I saw what they flashed on the television news. I’m trying to figure out how to say she was ‘dressed’ as Marilyn Monroe but…maybe she was ‘undressed’ as Marilyn Monroe?

*Britney has hired a new lawyer. I think she should have hired a spiritual director.

*American Idol will be on tonight. I’ll miss it. This is the part of the season I really enjoy.

*Vantage Point opens Friday. One day after  a new episode of LOST.

Well I guess “News” is basically made up of things that are unexpected. Much is unnecessary for sure. I just got the call that my van is fixed. So now I’m going to go saw off my arm. Hope they can put it to good use. Hmm… if I really did that it would be news.


I made it home just fine. My current favorite song is Casting Crowns’ From The Altar To The Door. Here’s a home made video that I think is pretty fair … but the song just rocks!



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