Two Weeks

Uncle Galen, John Robert, Uncle Dickie

Two Weeks ago Maggy and I were driving around in the night looking for our John Robert.

Two Weeks ago police came to our house with the horrible news that began our nightmare.

Two Weeks ago we had already hugged John for the last time.

Two Weeks ago we had already laughed with John for the last time.

Two Weeks ago we had already heard him tell about his day, his last day.

Two Weeks ago we realized that we had eaten our last meal with him at the table.

Two Weeks ago his room fell silent, without his presence.

Two Weeks ago the Coroner brought us his ring, wallet, and the remaining cash in his pocket.

Two Weeks ago his cell phone went straight to voice mail…he would never answer again.

Two Weeks ago we began to need God like never before.

Two Weeks ago we wonder where God was when John really needed Him.

Two Weeks of hell. It seems like two years. And from what I’m reading, this is just the beginning.


A friend who loves to write poetry wrote this in honor of John Robert and sent it tonight. I wanted to share it with you.

I walked along the lonely road
I walked along the path
Sometimes I feel a terrible pain
Sometimes I am filled with wrath
My son was an eagle
That flew so very high
Sometimes I can see him flying
But somedays now, I have to try
His life was short on this earth
I want him back in my nest
And I feel a deep deep emptiness
As I face this terrible test
So many people love me
They hug me and they cry
But they don’t understand the pain
As I ask the question, Why
I was there when the egg was broken
When he depended on us to feed
We watched him grow to an eagle
And took care of his every need
Now he is gone from us
My eyes are swollen red
I read the cards and emails
And the love, that is said
I know I will see him again one day
And we will fly together in the sky
When I lose this early body
We will fly so very high
He will be there to greet me
And say “I am so glad you are here”
But until that day comes knocking
I will often shed a tear
I do not get off the ground much
Since these days are filled with woe
But with the help of our Father
We will onward go
This is written by someone that loves me
And though he does not know the pain
He tries to put himself inside my heart
As a brother he will always remain

–Ron Webb

Thank you, Ron. You have the most wonderful heart. God bless you.

Thanks for reading. Please keep praying. We are just trying to make it hour by hour.


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