The first Sunday of February marked two years of my service to the Forsythe Church of Christ.

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been two years. Just a few weeks ago I unpacked a box that has been sitting by my desk since I placed it there … two years ago. I’m not a professional procrastinator, but I’m working on it.

In January of 2008, as I began packing for my new ministry I’m sure I could not have written the story of these past two years. Leaving your home of 16 years presents a lot of emotional challenges. It was hard to leave our kids and grandkids. By the way, I still have a home for sale there. I’m looking for some righteous people to pray about that!

I’m sure if I had written down what I hoped to accomplish in the next two years it would have been quite a list. I’m sure if the Forsythe family had written down what they hoped I would accomplish in the next two years it would have been quite different than what has happened. But as long as we are looking to our own plans and thoughts about what ought to be, we’re neglecting God’s workings and presence in this work. I’m happy about several things, disappointed in myself in other ways.

When I was packing my bags two years ago and beginning to commute for some months, I had no idea the storm that was about to overtake our lives. Losing John Robert has colored everything about our ministry and our lives.

I’ve expressed it many times, but Maggy and I found ourselves surrounded by the love of two wonderful congregations during that time.

Our experience at Forsythe has been a beautiful one. We are so blessed to be associated with Jason and Christina Barnard. Our elders and their wives have been cooperative, supportive, encouraging – they’ve become our friends. In fact we are surrounded by friends, and that is a blessing I do not take for granted.

So…what will this next year bring? I wouldn’t dare begin to write it down. I’m thinking God might have better plans and dreams than I can imagine.

To my Forsythe family, thank you for your love … Maggy and I love you much. To our extended family in Ouachita parish, friends scattered throughout the churches and outside them … we love you too.


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