Two Times When Blogging Changed My Life

I am indebted to the blogging community, and therefore so committed to being an active part of that community. There have been two times in my life when blogging has been a source of incredible strength, encouragement, and communication. These are two times when blogging really did change my life.

On August 29, 2005 the greatest natural disaster to ever happen  in the united states destroyed my home. Hurricane Katrina destroyed an incredible amount of real estate, stole 300 + lives and created such damage that it is still not all repaired. Within only a few hours of landfall, comments began to be left on my blog. People were talking about coming down to help, asking what we needed, and assuring us of prayers. Once we had power restored, blogging became a central focus of our local recovery effort. We kept the stories of recovery on the blog. I cannot tell you how important that blog became to all of us, because of the generous and compassionate hearts of Christians around the world. And it not only blessed us, it was an opportunity to witness to God’s works in the disaster, and assist our community with help.

Little did I know that an even greater personal disaster was only a few short years away. On May 23, 2008, our son John Robert was killed just a few days before high school graduation. One might think that with such a tragedy I could not possibly care about blogging, but that would be wrong. After John Robert died, one of the ways I expressed myself was through the cartharsis of blogging. This self-expression was something that some cautioned, but once you lose your son, not much else matters. I poured my heart out in my blog. As a result I received an overflow of encouragement, sympathy, and compassion. Not only did this exchange of pain and compassion make a difference to me, evidently others who have been through a similar ordeal found some relief in knowing that they were not alone in thair pain.

In both instances I was more than encouraged – I began to realize the power of encouraging words.  I want to thank the hundreds who left responses and encouragements across these years. I cannot imagine going through such tragedy without my blogging community … one that is made up primarily of Christians. And I think that is the true power of this … Christians sharing their hearts with other Christians, even if they’ve never met.

Blogging matters because it is people hearing in their own language. Regular people being read by regular people … and finding rich resources for living- shared freely.

Thanks for reading!


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