Two Miracles Needed


I know it sounds extremely self-righteous to say, but if I were God bad things would only happen to bad people….maybe only really bad people. But never good people. I am not God, as we all know, and so I join with other mourners around the world who suffer in ways they do not deserve. I still believe. I am also perplexed. I pray.

I’ve been praying for a teenager with an inoperable brain tumor and an older friend who will have a brain surgery soon. I’ve been praying for a friend who is trying to get his life back together and for someone who thinks they don’t need to get their life back together. I’ve been praying for a friend who got good news in a blood workup, and now for someone who got bad news.

Keith Brenton is one of those new kinds of friends – the kind you feel like you know very well but you’ve never met. We’ve connected on the internet in various forums. His excellent work on the New Wineskins website is well-known. What I love about Keith is that he is humble, gentle, unafraid to offer a response, unafraid for it to be kind. He has asked for two miracles. Below is an edited form of that request from his blog.


The Brenton family needs your prayers, because we need two miracles. Angi [Keith’s wife jd] has been a little ill – digestive difficulties – since January and it got bad enough that she went to the doctor early last week. They did some blood tests and a CT scan Friday, 2/15. The preliminary diagnosis we got the next day from the scan is pancreatic cancer – a golfball-sized tumor near the bottom of the pancreas, and unfortunately, signs that it has spread to the liver. The prognosis for this type of cancer is never good, and life expectancy if caught early is usually about nine months – less if other organs are affected.

She will see an oncologist in Asheville Thursday, one who specializes in this type of cancer, and we’ll know more then.

This has been a shock for all of us, and we have been informing family members and friends. It has been especially difficult for our 16-year-old daughter Laura, who has been battling depression for some months. The day Angi’s scan was taken, we were admitting Laura to the local hospital’s ER for a comprehensive evaluation. We agreed (including Laura) with the evaluating team that she needed to be placed temporarily at a hospital which specializes in treating depression, and one of us was with her at the ER 24 hours a day until a bed opened up Monday evening 2/18, just 3-1/2 hours away. We have taken her there, and she’ll be in that program to help restart her life about 5-7 days.

….Be as specific as you want to be in your prayers, but we really need two miracles. I’ve only asked for a miracle once before – my dad’s recovery from a heart episode and coma at age 66, 20 years ago. God didn’t answer as my family and I had hoped or asked at that time, but we still believe in His limitless power and desire for what is best for us.

Thank you in advance for your grace in doing this.

I do not get to declare the outcome of my prayers, just as Jesus was not granted his prayer request in Gethsemane. David did not receive the answer he desired at the side of his infant son. Paul did not get the answer he desired as he prayed from his pain. That is not, however, the whole story. Lazarus came forth. Bartameus saw the face of Jesus. A woman bleeding for years was healed of her disease. Peter was set free from prison. The lame beggar at the gate called Beautiful walked home to tell his family an amazing thing that happened to him that day. A demoniac haunting the shoreline was finally released from his torture.

So I know God can. I will ask Him. I know what He does is right, even if I do not know why. Would you join me in praying for two miracles for the Brenton’s? Please do not leave a note for Keith here … leave it on his blog HERE. He will see it one day when he needs to hear from you.

Don’t give up praying for others on your prayer list, but please add the Brenton family.

Thanks for reading,


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