ALERT! John live on cam watching AI … now THAT is amazing!  There is a chatbox for saying howdy!

I’ll be Twittering through American Idol tonight.

TWITTER is a free and easy to use micro-blogging platform that allows users to blog one or two sentences at a time. You have followers – those who are reading your posts. And you can follow others. And it all shows up on the same page.

So if you want to join in the fun tonight, just sign up for Twitter (pain-free). You can find other people you know who twitter by clicking on INVITE MORE … a function that searches your Yahoo, Hotmail. AOL, MSN, or Gmail addressbooks for those who may already be using Twitter. If I am in your addressbook, then my name will show up. You can click on me and select FOLLOW. Then my Twitter posts will appear on your twitter page. Now if I’m not in your addressbook, I think you can search for me and find me … let me know if you can’t find me and I’ll find you and add you.

I know that might sound complex, but the beauty of Twitter is it’s absolute simplicity. If Dr. Clif Mims sees this and can add some better information, I invite that. If you have questions, post them!

Twitter is one of those things you should just accept. Do not ask ‘Why?’ … there is no why. We Twitter because we can. Twitter’s self proclaimed mission is expressed in one question: What are you doing?

Thanks for reading!


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