Twenty-Six Years

Maggy, Nicole, and Me not too long before our wedding.
Maggy, Nicole, and Me not too long before our wedding.

I’m really blessed to have been married to Maggy for 26 years. I remember the day that I proposed to her in her parent’s back yard. We were sitting on wooden bench swing. When I asked her to marry me, I’m sure I had no clue what this relationship would look like. Maggy is a bit older than me, and usually wiser. She said, “I will marry you, but let’s not rush and get in a hurry.” I replied that this sounded good to me, why not get married in July. It was April. So much for not rushing.

There have been more blessings than I can express in our marriage. I definitely moved up in the world because people tend to like her more than me. I married into a wonderful family. The Willinghams have never made me feel like an outsider – not for even a day. Maggy’s dad always treated me like one of his own. We miss him so much. I immediately gained a beautiful daughter and later a handsome son. Because I married Maggy I have two grandchildren that I love deeply.

After we married she followed me to some Mississippi locations. From Cleveland to Kosciusko, then back to Cleveland. She willingly accompanied me to the Mississippi Coast where we lived for 16 years, and now to Louisiana.

In our twenty-six years we have been to hell together more than once and somehow managed to hang on to this marriage.

So, I’m blessed. Last year we went to Tennessee together, this year we have delayed a trip. Maybe later in the year. But we will enjoy a dinner together tonight at one of our favorite places.

I struggle to say anything I haven’t said before or something unique … but it all really comes down to one thought that ties our marriage together through the years.

Maggy, I love you.

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