28 Awesome Tweets About Prayer


Tonight I wanted to read some brief thoughts about prayer and Twitter is the perfect place to find that. Here are twenty-eight awesome tweets about prayer posted recently. I did not link all the contributors, but suggest that you find and follow them if you have a Twitter account.

@ihopkc: Prayers are never meaningless. We may feel nothing, but don’t measure by how you feel. Measure them by what God says in His Word.

@leerice808 A powerful and yet – a simple prayer to pray is: “I trust you God.” That simple little prayer can – Release power beyond measure.

@trevor040451 Night Prayer: Lord, help us to overcome our fear of the quiet, to wait upon you in the silence and to listen discerningly to your word.

@Weavings Pause for Prayer: Great Shepherd, there is nowhere I can go where you are not beside me. #weavingsdailyoffice

@The_Gospels Worry increases pressure; prayer releases peace.

@Gregory_Johnson Prayer opens our eyes to needs and God’s desire to meet those needs.

@BurkParsons We don’t believe in the power of prayer, we believe in the power of God, which is precisely why we pray.

@UpperRoom Dear #God, with your everlasting arms underneath, give us courage to step out wherever you call. #prayer

@bobrobertsjr No prayer is ever wasted or unheard

@Bible_Time Always be in prayer for loved ones who have not accepted Christ as their savior

@GODs_Graces Prayer changes everything because it releases God’s wisdom into your circumstances.

@BrianZahnd True prayer, in that sense, is probably the most courageous and counter-cultural thing an American will ever do. -Richard Rohr

@DavidRoads By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answers to our own.

@ThomasNelson “Dear Father, give me the strength to get through just this day.”

@RickAtchley You don’t have to get your act together before you can pray. Prayer works because God is good, not because we are.

@Sacredise Prayer is not so much an act of manipulating God, but of manipulating our hearts to long for what God desires.

@lynnehybels “In the dry and dusty places Jesus is our souls’ oasis.” Celtic Daily Prayer

@Godly_Life Prayer is the most important conversation of the day.

@timkellernyc Sometimes you don’t get the strength out of prayer that you want. But you won’t get any strength at all without prayer.

@CalhounVicar “Preaching never edifies a prayerless soul.” -E. M. Bounds

@hpmdave Our role in revival is to pray and live in a way that prepares a landing place for the Holy Spirit.

@Carson_Case Praying for our generation to lift high the name of Jesus. Love seeing young people on fire for Him.

@BethMooreLPM Praying for a new season to come blowing in on the wings of these October winds for you who’ve tarried long in a parched & breezeless place.

@NeilVermillion People need your prayers even more when they are wrong. Don’t stop praying for them. Remember your enemies need it most.

@limkokwing Another weekend. Some are celebrating. Some are reminiscing. Some are wondering. Some are hoping, some praying, for a better time ahead.

@Brittney_Moses When you pray to God you’re not praying FOR a solution, you’re praying TO the solution. He’s already made a way! Have faith!

@LifeVerse Praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing. Ann Voskamp

@Gods_Girl316 God knows exactly how many tears you’ve ever shed & how many sleepless nights you’ve ever had. Don’t worry. Change is coming. Keep praying

Thanks for reading.