Turning Away From The Mirror

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

Our time in front of the mirror is essential to moving onward in our life. It is crucial to see and acknowledge the truth about ourselves. This must become part of our confessory lifestyle from here on. But we are not born to live in the mirror. It is a reality check for us, but not a home.

There is danger to be found in living in the mirror.  We can become so discouraged with ourselves, so focused on our regrets and mistakes, that we cannot seem to find zest for life any longer. We actually can begin to find some satisfaction in our own inability to live for God that we begin to use this as a part of our addictive behavior. This means, of course, that we are not moving ahead in our lives at all.

The mirror serves the same purpose as a history book. It tells us the truth about ourselves … where we’ve come from … where we are now … how all the various ways we’ve tried to make real change have fallen flat … and there must be something else. Our choice is to continue trying to make changes on our own (a definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expecting different results) … or to turn to someone else in a genuine spirit of desperation.

That something else is the truth that God is standing nearby to help you. We will revisit the mirror again … but for now … we focus on the second step. Alcoholics Anonymous words it this way, “We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Can you believe that there is “a Power” … God … who can actually restore your sanity? If you never thought of your addiciton  … bad habits … compulsive behavior … as insanity … you’ll need to review step one. As long as you’re hanging on to the notion that you’re going to fix it yourself, you are going to be stuck right where you are.

It’s time to turn away from the mirror … and into the arms of One who has been waiting all along.


American Idol. Was there any real chance that Blake could be the American Idol? Of course there was. But the votes of America prevailed (72 million of them) and Jordin Sparks is the winner of the contest. I found it a tearful moment … and I can’t wait to see what kind of CD she comes out with. It is possible we will be hearing her name for a very long time. At 17, she is beautiful and gifted. Now AI is over for the season. Are you going to replace it with that show looking for the greatest band….what’s the name of it? What about the show looking for the greatest director … dancer … celebrity driver…the greatest chef? The show looking for the greatest blogger … hey… I like the sound of that one. American Blogger!

LOST. What can I say about the finale? Of course we all loved and hated it. Was I the only one to shed a tear when Charlie gave his life to save the Losties? No, I was not. Was I cheering all alone to see Locke recover? Nope. Was I the only one aghast when he shot Naomi? Nope. Was I the only one to be gratified that Rousseau and her daughter finally met face to face? I’m sure I wasn’t. Was I the only one glad to see Ben get his turn at the whipping post? I know I was not the only one whooping and laughing as Hurley drove the old VW van through a herd of Others! Was I the only one to say “nooooooooooo!” when the last scene was a flashback? “We have to go back” … last words of the show … in a flashback of all things. Cryptic? For sure. [OK, I’m officially dumb and left the last sentence in there to prove it. THIS BLOGGER informed me that these were flash forwards … I think I need to go watch it again. How did I miss that?]  At least I wasn’t the only one, but THIS BLOGGER at least caught on to it by himself. So much to talk about …and according to THIS FANSITE, we are only 268 days away from the opening of Season Four! We have plenty of time. Were you disappointed? I wasn’t.  We also know that the show will end in 2010. I love it!

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HURRICANE RELIEF. Currently we have no workers staying with us, but we are helping feed some Mennonite workers from Pennsylvania. They are the most fascinating people. Jonas is the bus driver. He invited me to come this morning (at 6:45 !) to do a devotional for them. I talked about David and Goliath, and how the recovery effort was our Goliath … and we were going to prevail due to the Davids who keep coming our way. Jonas told me that there were no chapperones with this group … just 40 teenagers. Amazing people. I’m to do the devotional again tomorrow.

Next week Dale Watkins and the group from Westside Church of Christ in Elkton, KY will be here again. Dale will speak Wednesday night and one of his youth group members will lead the singing.

Several workers helped work on Mrs. Esther Peavey’s home. In her mid-70s and suffering from some post-Katrina strokes, she was in very poor health. She was a persistent lady, though, calling to the building daily to request help. The 100 Homes in 100 Days project was  working hard to repair her home for her. Several groups that worked through Central also worked in that home. Unfortunately, Mrs. Peavey passed away Tuesday. I’m not sure what will become of her home … which has been rewired, has a new roof, windows, and other repairs already under way. But I am sure that it hurts my heart that we were unable to help her get back in her home before she died. She spent the last two years of her life in a camper. That’s better than many other people in the world … but for her … I’m sure it was a hardship.

CAMP. Tonight is usually a night out at the movies for me and Maggy, but I have a camp board meeting instead. My session of camp begins Sunday. Due to some conflicts in schedule, our week will be a lower number than usual, but I’m thankful. I have plenty of staff and a new cook and look forward to reporting a great week!

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