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Tulsa Workshop for 2014 is now history. I am certain that I have no clue the enormous task it is to put on such an event for so many people. Giant standing ovations for Shane Coffman and the team at Memorial who made it all happen!

It would be hard to communicate all the great things my wife and I heard last week, but I decided to share a few notes I took from some classes.   You can search Twitter for all the Tulsa tweets by going HERE and searching for #tulsaw.  You can also order CDs and DVDs of Tulsa presentations HERE.

Chet McDoniel’s opening message was about as inspirational as it gets folks! A few highlights:

*God adopted us. It takes a special kind of love to adopt. It is a choice to be made.

*I don’t believe God caused me to be born without arms …

*Before you ever knew what your past was going to be, God loved you. God puts to ether the best team possible to be the hands and feet of Jesus … and you were chosen for that team.

*God intends to use your weakness to glorify Him.

*The world does not need anyone to sit on a high perch and tell them who gets in to see Jesus and who doesn’t. They need access to Jesus.

*God wants us to help other people know He wants them too.

Friday Night’s Crowd Ready to Hear the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson.


Greg Taylor interviewed  Sharon Hersh and it was a really powerful session. Her new book The Last Addiction is definitely on my ‘to read’ list. Here are some thoughts from that session.

*How can you be a Christian and love Jesus and still struggle with addiction? (a question some ask who do not understand addictions)

*Whatever is central to our lives is our god. … The most prevalent addiction in America today: video games.

*To change an addiction is like turning a river … and thus the dismal statistics of real change.

*There is something in me that needs to be rescued – we are in need of a Savior.

*What empowers us is our surrender to the Holy Spirit…. Human will acting in accordance with Divine will enables us to overcome.

*On Hiding: God misses us when we are involved in addictive behavior … our greatest struggle is to not hide or let anyone see the real me. All sorts of sin grows in the dark.

*In addiction we are saying “I want to be God…I want my world to be what I want it to be.”

*Change seldom comes through a spectacular moment.

I have some more notes to share with you in another post.

My friend Paula Harrington also shared some Tulsa Workshop thoughts from a variety of people. I think you’ll enjoy her post HERE.

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