Tulsa Workshop Update

Dobbs and Nicklaus

Dobbs and Nicklaus

Friday was another wonderful day at the Tulsa Workshop. The classes I attended were great – which was expected. The great conversations that we’ve had with so many people have been enriching and encouraging. Joe Almonza gave a powerful testimony in last night’s evening session about his journey from the mexican mafia to serving the Kingdom of God! Maggy and I ended our night with a late supper with Brian Nicklaus. Brian has posted his own report HERE.

There are several things to look forward to today. I’ll be participating in a panel presentation called “Worship in Difficult Times” at 11:00 at the Central Park building. Immediately after that is the Blogger Luncheon (which I believe I heard Nicklaus refer to as the Bluncheon!). At that lunch the Theoblogger awards will be given out. I will twitter through those for anyone interested – HERE. This afternoon Trey Morgan will have a presentation at 4, the other bookend of our talks on blogging. 

We are not sure about the weather situation here. Last time I looked out the window there was heavy snowfall. Accumulation is expected, although it will melt away tomorrow. Maggy and I plan to head back to Monroe following morning worship at Memorial Drive Church of Christ in the morning.

Hope you have a great day! We plan to! Thanks for reading,


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