Tulsa Workshop Notes 2

Tulsa Workshop Wednesday Night Begining

Tulsa Workshop Wednesday Night Beginning

A previous post on some notes taken at Tulsa Workshop can be found HERE.

Les Ferguson, Jr. had three presentations on the subject of overcoming doubt. They were all excellent. Here are some notes from his first one.

*Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin.

*some circumstances make it hard to believe, hard to answer basic questions.

*The pews of our churches are filled with people awaiting unknowns from God.

*Doubt can lead us to a better relationship with God.

*Hebrews 11 has the great stories of faith … did any of these people ever struggle with doubt? In Genesis 15 Abraham, Father of the Faithful, questioned God.

*Doubt is a normal reaction to the events of life.

(Les also let it be known that he is looking for a church to work with as a preacher. If you would be interested in talking to this outstanding man of God, contact him via his blog HERE.)


Keith Roberts had a class on the Cost of an Authentic Prayer Life. He emphasized that the efforts to be consistent and growing in prayer do have costs associated with them. He emphasized the intercessions of God that are continuously going on. He talked about how Jesus intercedes for us, demonstrating that we are known by Him. He also mentioned the Holy Spirit interceding for us with groans that words cannot express. Even in heaven there are the prayers of the saints being offered up (Revelation 5:8 ff, 6:9 ff, 8:1-3).  He concluded that we can approach God with freedom and confidence, knowing that all of heaven is interested in our prayers.

(Keith has an outstanding Prayer Seminar that he has conducted across the country. His book Why God Waits For You to Pray is inspirational! In addition, he conducts the annual Prayer Enrichment Workshop in Calhoun, LA which is always a blessing.)

You can order these and other messages from Tulsa Workshop HERE.

I hope these couple of posts give you an idea of the kind of great classes and sessions are available at Tulsa Workshop! Make your plans now to attend next year, March 18-21 when the theme will be ‘Aflame‘!

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