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Bloggers Brian Nicklaus, John Dobbs, Trey Morgan, Brad Palmore, Steven Tucker, Amanda Sanders, Patrick Mead, Carl Feril. Unfortunately we took this picture after Bobby Valentine left. Sorry Bobby!

Today was the most unusual day I’ve ever experienced at Tulsa Workshop. It was the weather that made it so. I have seen snow at Tulsa Workshop before, but nothing like this! I’m not sure how many inches of rain fell, but I’m thinking 6-8 inches. It slowed traffic to a crawl, constrained attendance at the workshop, and made getting from one building to another a baptismal experience. 

I had a most emotional presentation during the “Worship During Difficult Times” class/experience. Shane Coffman did a great job of working along with Craig Hicks to put this together. I shared some of our thoughts on keeping faith while still having questions about God’s presence and help (and lack of intervention) when John Robert died. I felt a kinship with the audience as I could hear some of them crying while tears rolled down my face. It was difficult but also an expression of trust and faith. We believe, Lord help our unbelief.

After that we were trying to figure out how to get to Memorial Drive Church of Christ for the blogger luncheon. Snow was falling at a significant rate. Thankfully Trey Morgan rescued the day by having a four wheel drive suburban. So he and Lea, Vivian Gentry, Maggy, Brian Nicklaus, and I submitted ourselves to Trey’s driving skills. He did great! We arrived late … and found the lights had gone out. It was a great meal that was prepared, a very nice room, and it was obvious some work had gone into the event. Unfortunately the weather kept most people away and we only had about 15. Even though there were some things working against us, Brad Palmore did a great job presenting the Theoblogger story. Then we had the first annual Theobloggers Awards. Almost 800 people voted on these awards. 

Roger Butner has done a great job of listing the award winners, so I will direct you to his blog for the results! Click HERE!

I appreciate those who voted for me. It is affirming and encouraging. I want to thank Steve Tucker who dreamed up the idea that got all of this rolling.

Hopefully we will not have a weather intervention next year and can have a significantly greater number of people involved.

Thanks also to Brad Palmore for his planning, and Craig Hicks for his work on site.

Trey Morgan had a great class on blogging this afternoon. Maggy and me were tired, so we rested in our room for a bit. Then we met some of the bloggers and friends at Ruby Tuesdays for supper, since that restaurant is very near our hotel. Tonight we anticipate a good rest, worship at Memorial in the morning, lunch with friends, and then the trip home to Monroe. We’ve had such a great time, but we’re both ready to be home. I’ll miss my Forsythe Family in the morning! Our Family Minister, Jason Barnard, will be preaching in my place.

Tulsa is kind of the spiritual fiscal year marker for me. I leave here rejuvenated and refreshed in spirit. I’m so grateful to the Memorial Drive Church of Christ for their self sacrificial effort in putting this workshop together for so many to enjoy. In particular the energy of Terry Rush and the heart he has to keep this event going after so many years. 

There are many more names … wonderful people met … some we missed … others with whom we reconnected … it was a different workshop this year, but enjoyable…and a true blessing to me. I’m glad I came. If the Lord wills, next March I will find myself in Tulsa, Oklahoma once again. I hope you’ll all come with us!

Thanks for reading,

John Dobbs



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