Tulsa Workshop: Down from the Mountain


Here I am on the other side of the Tulsa Workshop. Yes, everyone must come down from the mountain. (Was it Amy Grant who used to sing about wanting to stay on the mountaintop?) But that doesn’t mean that the richness of the experience isn’t still with me.

This year I heard some fantastic things at the Workshop. I could try to remember all of them, but it would be easier (if you were interested) to take a look at my Twitter Feed or Facebook page over the past week. The classes are only part of the great value of the workshop. Interacting with Christians from all over the place, talking with them about things going on at their place, gaining insight and thoughts from others – that is a part of the experience as well. There were several classes I wanted to attend that I didn’t get to. That is why they make CDs, DVDs and MP3s – so you can gain that information later.

I suppose everyone goes to the Tulsa Workshop with their own needs, motives, and hopes. I go with the hope of renewing friendships, the desire to be renewed in my spirit, and to learn new ways to follow the Savior. I heard so many good things and would be silly to try to mention them all. In fact, I believe that every one of the sessions offers something of value.

But I want to suggest one. Darin Hamm’s Practical Ideas for Community Impact. That class reminded me of days gone by when the workshop was called International Soul Winning Workshop. I wrote down two pages of notes and was inspired in a dozen ways by this class. The work being done by Darin and the New Heights Church is reaching out and changing lives in Owasso, Oklahoma.

As for now, I’m processing … thinking … and praying. Coming down from the mountain isn’t a bad thing. There are many people in our community living in the valley of poverty, depression, loneliness, and lostness. Our church is filled with bright and capable Christians who have great hearts for reaching out. We need to think about the two questions Darin placed on my heart:

What can we do to make a difference?

How can we be the hands and feet of Jesus?

Thanks to Terry Rush and the Memorial Drive Church of Christ for making sure this event happened this year; thanks for three decades of service to the brotherhood.



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