Tulsa Workshop 2010


I was looking over this year’s speaker list and I am very excited about being at Tulsa Workshop this year. Like everyone I have my favorites that I never want to miss!

I’d love to say something about all the speakers, but here’s a some thoughts on a few of them. Several names caught my attention!

Mike Tanaro! Now, I don’t know Mike, but one of my favorite Facebook and Twitter friends is his son Trent. Hopefully I’ll get to meet both of them!

Al Maxey! I can’t wait to meet Al in person. We have been friends for many years. First,  through his ‘Berean Spirit’ email list that at one time had over 3,000 subscribers. Nowadays he publishes his e-newsletter ‘Reflections’ that doesn’t shy away from honest discussion about hot topics.

JoNeal Kirby is one of our ‘locals’, known on the radio as “Dr. Mom”, and a counselor associated with Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ. She is a prolific encourager!

Dick Marcear! I don’t know how many years ago Dick preached in Kosciusko, Mississippi, but I have enjoyed his preaching since that time!

I could probably write something about most every speaker. They are all precious. But even if there were no speakers, the reunions with friends are always awesome. Maggy and I can’t wait for Tulsa Workshop … and hope you’ll be a part of it too!

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