Tulsa On My Mind

Earlier this week I made reservations for my annual trip to the Tulsa Workshop. I recently saw the list of classes and speakers and that has me anticipating  the event. I know that everyone will have their favorite classes, topics, and speakers but some have me really excited. One of the problems is that you be at two places at once, and some of the times I’m going to need to do that! Thankfully there are always CDs to buy for the lessons you couldn’t get to!
Thursday Morning 9:00 Collision: Josh Ross is speaking Thursday morning. I heard Josh last year for the first time and his presentation was rich and encouraging. But at the same time Darin Ham is speaking about Community Impact. Following Darin on the net has given me so many encouragements and ideas for outreach and service! AND at the same time David Mathews will be speaking on Grief Recovery, a subject that is close to my heart.
Thursday Morning 10:00 Matrix: My friend Keith Roberts will be talking about prayer. I love living in the same parish as Keith, although we do not see each other as much as I would like. Jackie Chestnutt, a fountain of encouragement, also speaking during that hour.  I’ve never met Jackie in person but I look forward to it! Wow… how to choose.
Thankfully Thursday at 11:00 there is no other alternatives, so Dusty Rush has no competition for the hour. Except for the booths, and the visiting, and beating everyone to lunch. hmmm
Thursday at 2:00 has another crash of interests … Al Maxey, longtime e-mail mentor and friend will be speaking at the same time as Trey Morgan, best blogger on the planet. Not to mention Terry Rush, pontiff of the workshop!
Thursday at 3:00 … did Terry do this on purpose? My buddies Bobby Valentine and Tim Archer are among the great selections.
Thursday at 4:00 Marvin Phillips steals the show. Sorry guys.
Thursday night Terry Rush preaches and my buddy Shane Coffman leads the Memorial Drive Praise Team for a night that is sure to be WOW!
I can’t go on. At each opportunity there are several more options than the ones I mentioned. Every one of them will be excellent. Two more I have to mention, though. Dusty Rush and Amanda Sanders will be teaching together during some sessions – an awesome combination! Can’t wait to go to that class. And a special treat we do not get very often – the chance to hear Jim McGuiggan Saturday.
Tulsa Workshop has my attention…and though it will be a daunting task… I can’t wait to join friends and family in this great celebration of faith and challenge to live it out!

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