Tuesday on the Coast

Today started off windy and chilly, followed by a cold rain. We did not have any snow or ice. I’m reading of all of the deaths and auto accidents and other destruction, and I’m thankful. I pray God’s blessings upon those in the ice belt this week.

The crews that are here working are simply tireless! Take a look at my picture page (linked to the left) and you will see that the floor in our auditorium is basically finished (aside from some trim work) and it is beautiful! Tomorrow they plan to work in the hall and foyer. One room is receiving a nice wood floor. The halls and foyer have been painted. All the while there was laughter, singing, and joy ringing throughout our building! What a wonderful week! Thirty-three of them are from Fellowship Bible Church in Troy, Pennsylvania. This is their third trip down with Kirt Caslar leading the way. Also seven are here from the Blanchard Church of Christ. The Gorham family is putting down the floor in the auditorium.

Today I had a phone conversation with Danny Dodd while he was on a layover in Atlanta. He is flying to Lithuania on a mission. You can read about his trip on his blog located HERE. As Dee Andrews left a note in the previous post, you can read an interview with Danny on her blog located HERE. Danny will be teaching two classes at Central on January 29 & 30 … everyone come on out!

The GodThirst¬†Project got two shots in the arm this week. I was questioning if it was even going to happen. I had two friends who will be excellent teachers who are coming. Then a few days ago, Brentwood Hills committed some funds to help us with advertising and buying some books. Today, Hillsboro let me know they have 3 … and maybe 5 … men coming to help teach Bible studies and make contacts. I am now getting excited about this! Anyone else want to come work with us? It would be great to have some folks the next few weeks to follow up on contacts and work with new Christians. We do have a Yahoo Group set up to pass on information about this project. To subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail to GodThirst-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Tonight I watched American Idol. I am not a big TV watcher (in spite of the past few posts) … but I love to watch American Idol. I like it best when they are down to the final 10 or so and the singing competition really gets tense. But these opening segments remind me that there are many self-deceived shower singers who think if they can get on TV their voices will sound great! They can’t believe they are not approved to go further in the competition! Wow! I would feel sorry for them, but they know what they are walking into. This is the sixth season. I snubbed season one because (1) I didn’t like the name of the show and (2) I didn’t really know what it was about. I only watched the last episode of season one when Kelly Clarkson won the title. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan. Any other AI watchers out there? That will be a subject on this blog at least once a week!

Al Sturgeon has written some excellent posts lately. One was on Martin Luther King Day, and the other about the world’s best donuts. Read them HERE.

I didn’t know that Victor Knowles had a daily blog post. He always has something interesting to say. You can read that HERE.

I’ve uploaded my most recent audio sermon HERE.

I look forward to checking in with you tomorrow!

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